Still here, but not there yet!

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?   “Time waits for no man” so they say, and it’s true.  With our wedding just 4 weeks away now, things have been a bit hetic lately and to ‘Er indoors weather stations aren’t that important. (strange things women aren’t they, I keep explaining the importance of it but it just goes over her head, sigh).

Then just as I start to get on track again, the main weather station PC I run crashed. No big deal. Whoops wrong thing to say.  The power supply blew up, which proceeded to kill the main harddisc and DVD drive. That, coupled with me discovering my windows disc was faulty, led to more than just a few choice words in this Pembrokeshire household.

That dear visitor is why the weather was offline for a few weeks and no more has been done to it.  Hopefully I shall get time now to get a bit more done on the site.  So the crashed PC, the car terminally dying, and today the shower went up in smoke as ‘Er was using it (wait until AFTER we’re married dear, the Life Insurance pays out then!) means it has been a hectic time.

So, we are still here, but still got a long way to go yet with the site.

Till the next time, take care.