New Year, New Features

This page will gradually be changing and moved to a real “blog” page later.  In the meantime The more observant of you will have noticed there are now new feeds to the left of this post.

The top one is YoWindow. A brilliant graphical, accurate and realtime representation of current weather conditions here in Milford Haven, that if you click on it will also give you a good forecast for the next few days.  The current details are taken from a “METAR” feed at Pembrey Sands, however that will shortly be taken direct from our own personal weather station.

We then have a 5 minute radar showing rainfall across the UK courtesy of Meteox.  Click on that to get a larger size.

A new box showing the tide times for Milford Haven, which again if you click on it will take you to the next few days predictions.

And finally a new RSS feed direct from Netweather showing any weather alerts that have been issued for the UK.

Theres more to come, but having spent some 9 hours on it today I think thats enough.
Oh almost forgot, the “Dogs Welcome” and “About Woody” pages have been updated and will continue to grow now over the next couple of weeks.

Lets hope 2013 is a good year for us all and may God grant you a healthy happy year!