About the weather station

The actual weather station is a Davis Vantage Vue. This is one of the most reliable and respected stations in it’s class, measuring the wind speed every 2.5 seconds, and the rain to 0.2mm.

This feed into it’s own console, which is linked via a bespoke datalogger and interface to a stand alone “Weather” PC.
The PC (still running the brilliant XP) uses Weather Display as it’s main program to monitor and record the data before uploading to the site every 10 seconds. Weather Display is written by New Zealander Brian Hamilton and thanks goes to him for his help on various issues.

The Weather Cam is the latest Wansview NCM621W H.264 Mega Pixel 720P camera with Infra Red Cut (meaning true daytime colours and infra red at night).wansview
The software used to capture and manage the images for this is BlueIris running on the same Weather PC.

And finally the site is built using WordPress