Ice-cream sandwich anyone? jellybean? and yet summer has gone!

Quick update to below, have now got a Samsung Tab 2 10.1 (Free with new mobile contract). Have been playing about with the steel series gauges, and it looks like thats the way I’ll go.

Well, what a summer that wasn’t!

Here in West Wales it’s been rain, drizzle, more rain and more drizzle, sigh.  And as I write this we’ve clocked over another 25mm of rain today.  The days are getting shorter and the evenings colder, a sure sign of Autumn.  And yet despite this I have spent days reading about Honeycombs, Ice-cream sandwiches and Jelly beans and how I’m not going to be able to Flash anymore!

So what’s this all about and how does it effect you and this site?   Being tight, when my mobile phone contract comes up for renewal, I try to get a free gift with my phone.  This year I fancied a “tablet” (wifey says I need to be taking tablets with my weather hobby!), that way I can lay in bed watching the weather display and conditions without having a laptop on my lap (NO Dearest looking out the window is not the same). Not being an Apple (I-pad) lover, I looked towards the alternative offerings running on Android software.  This comes in many “flavours” with each new release being given a new foodie based name, the latest being Jelly Bean.

Now one thing I discovered is that Adobe have recently dropped for support for “flash” which brings the weather details to you on this site.  This means that Ipads can’t download the weather, nor can the recent new android tablet models running Jelly bean,or many mobile phones and, as we go forward it will become more and more of an issue.

So, having just spent hours getting this site up and running, I’m going to have to make some fairly major changes to the weather section in the very near future.  Happily, I have disovered some very fancy “steel gauges” that work “cross platform” and hope to incorperate them into the site shortly.  After which I shall need more then ruddy Jelly bean – more like G&T!

As for the tablet?  Umm after studying for hours and not getting anywhere, perhaps I’ll just stick with an asprin until I make up my mind! 🙁

I’ll keep you updated shortly!