Good intentions but… 6 white boomers?????

Well, Crimbo is almost here now, with just a few days left for ‘Er indoors to convince me we NEED yet another pack of mince pies or peanuts to feed the hoards that won’t visit us this year.  As the rain hammers vertically down (actually its hailstones now as I write) and the promise of a white Christmas (hailstones excepted) gets even further away, I found a fascinating post about Christmas Carols in Aussieland, with this link that plays some Aussie carols,  you’ve got to click on it! and watch the vids, Rolf Harris 6 white boomers is something else!

Waaaayyyy back in October I posted about updating the site. I haven’t yet done so, but it is in hand, I’m just waiting for a lovely chap called Mark Crossley to finish off trialling his beta version of the steel gauges series 2  running Weather display and I will upload them.  However, I have just a found a superb app that is available for Android users simply called “Weather Station” by Drago, that takes reading from personal stations like mine,via WeatherUnderground; and creates a superb display from your data, and other stations in your vacinity. If you want to know what the actual weather is, and readings are here is the link (one off fee of £1.95 to purchase)

I’ve been ill over the past week, with some kind of very nasty stomach bug that has left me in considerable pain, discomfort and extremely washed out, and must thank ‘Er Indoors for looking after me, so well.  But when you see the horrendous shooting that has just taken place in America, it makes you realise how precious life is, how mortal we all are, and how little discomfort I must be in compared to those poor heartbroken families.  As someone who lives in a small community, that was deeply affected by a blast in a local oil refinary which killed 5 local people last year, my heart goes out to the Newtown residents.  May God grant each and every one of them peace at this time.