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Bet your Valentines wasn’t like mine!

Well, it’s been a funny old week, I mean how many of you went out on Valentines evening, in strong cold winds, to stand down on the docks trying to hold onto the weather station up on a short pole to compare your reading with with the local “pro unit”?  Good job ‘Er Indoors is very understanding!

The data logger/pc interface which should have been here for the weekend will probably be delayed now by a few days.  The builder of it and I have come to an agreement whereby I will test a new wireless link enabling the main console to communicate the data wirelessly to the PC.  This would as far as I know, basically be a “first” for the Davis Vue and VP2!!!

Behind the scenes, I have taken on board the great suggestion made by a site visitor to have a Facebook “Like” button for the site.  I have played on and off with it today, and still cannot get it to load properly, so I will continue over the next couple of days.

Right, off to talk to ‘Er indoors- since I didn’t do it much on Valantines Day, lol.

Update to update…

Right, new station arrived yesterday. Been busy this afternoon concreting a pole into the ground ready to take small weather station mast of about 2.5mtrs height.

The station is under going basic testing at the moment, then hopefully by next weekend the datalogger and PC interface which is currently being built to order should be here.  Once that has been installed and tested, I should be able to make the final mounting for the station actually on its mast, then we’re ready to rock and roll as they say!

Thats all folks!

“It’s dead Jim” said Dr Mcoy

Well, after a hectic couple of weeks not much has changed, or so it appears on the surface.

In actual fact quaite a lot has. Firstly the replacement weather station that replaced the first one, needs replacing. It’s dead. Stuffed. No more. Deceased.  So it has been taken down and sent along with the original one back to the suppliers for a full refund.  After some research an alternative has been identified and will hopefully be here in a couple of weeks once all the refunds etc have taken place.  So until then there is no weather if you get my drift – well actually you only get drifts with snow and thats weather but thats another topic,lol. (Actually, it reminds me of a totally true story from some years ago about an airport who supplied the local area with it’s weather forecast.  The system kept failing due to extreme heat.  So the authorities issued a press statement that went along the lines of “Due to the weather there is no weather today. Whether there is any weather tomorrow depends on the weather…”.

I have been making changes to the images at the top of the screen, and next week they will all have descriptions on them, and a copyright note.  In case you’re not aware, everytime you land on a page or hit refresh, the picture will randomly change to one of about twenty I have taken around Pembrokeshire.

Talking about pictures, my clever niece Hollie (Holz) has asked why not have a webcam showing all the birds on the various feeders in the garden.  Well, I still have quite some research to do about bandwidth etc, but it may well be feasible. Watch this space.

Thats all folks!

Welcome back!

And so we start all over again, haha.

Welcome to the replacement site that will in time replace my old Woodyswoodwork site which is no longer relevent and most ceratinly out of date. However the LIVE Weather is still accessible here:-  until it gets moved over in the next few weeks.

So, firstly the new weather station developed a fault so had to be exchanged, then I managed to “bust” the new site, then I couldn’t access the correct software to reinstall due to a fault at my hosts (Though to be fair, within ten mins of a support ticket going into Clook last evening, they had identified the fault and fixed it, well done Boys!). So all in all a busy few days.

Over the coming weeks the site should develop with local pictures of Pembrokeshire and it’s wildlife, live weather updates every few minutes from my own automatic weather station in Milford Haven, and useful bits and bobs I hope will prove to be of interest.

so keep popping back, feel free to post a comment and I will keep you updated over the next few weeks – if I don’t bust it again that is!