Bet your Valentines wasn’t like mine!

Well, it’s been a funny old week, I mean how many of you went out on Valentines evening, in strong cold winds, to stand down on the docks trying to hold onto the weather station up on a short pole to compare your reading with with the local “pro unit”?  Good job ‘Er Indoors is very understanding!

The data logger/pc interface which should have been here for the weekend will probably be delayed now by a few days.  The builder of it and I have come to an agreement whereby I will test a new wireless link enabling the main console to communicate the data wirelessly to the PC.  This would as far as I know, basically be a “first” for the Davis Vue and VP2!!!

Behind the scenes, I have taken on board the great suggestion made by a site visitor to have a Facebook “Like” button for the site.  I have played on and off with it today, and still cannot get it to load properly, so I will continue over the next couple of days.

Right, off to talk to ‘Er indoors- since I didn’t do it much on Valantines Day, lol.

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