Nearly There -Weatherwise

Well, another month passes by and so much has happened – not including the Olympics.

Things have had to take a back seat for a while, but we’re back on track now.  The Software has been paid for so the message “Evaluation Version” has now disappeared and everything is running smoothly. I must just mention “Niko” from the Weather Watch Forum, who has very kindly sorted out a tab labelling error, that had really bugged me. Cheers Niko.  (Yet another example of how helpful and friendly us weather geeks are,lol).  Once I have sorted out a minor issue with my ISP I will increase the update rate to every 10 seconds, instead of the current 15. Remember we are the ONLY real time weather station in Milford Haven; thats us!

Other than that, it’s been quiet, well, I did get married, a couple of weeks ago and had the most amazing day (thanks to Cleddau Community Church, Priskilly Golf Couse and the fantastic “Preseli Pete and the Bluestone Boys” band, but thats only something minor ;-).

Still lots to do on the rest of the site, but that’ll come in time.

Have a great day!